Picture of paper kunai knife naruto easy and cheap
hi um... im gonna show u howda make a kunai knife
there is all ready 1 out there w/ a sheath but not as good as mine
mine is much more durable but i have 2 thank rachelisbored95
nvm i rachelisbored spamed me so no thanks ha

just look at the pics

Step 1: Step 1 materials

Picture of step 1 materials
1 sheet of paper
unsharpifyed new pencil
tape of any kind execept painters/scotch tape

** the big kunai took 4 sheets of paper and no pencil**

**clothy tape (gaffers tape) works better than others**
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kayerobot4 years ago
im gonna lose all my pencils this way...
blueblue4 years ago
JCARMONA4 years ago
cool man!
this is the kewlezt thing evr
sasori985 years ago
this is so easy
naruto35 years ago
Awesome kunai.Got me A++ in arts class.
it's a thing, but without the H.
WOW THIS ROcKS!!!! You are the best seriously this is awesome to make I'm just making my second one :D:D:D thanks!!!
woot! this is tons of fun!
josiahj112 months ago

this so cool

goldedrago3 years ago
awesome! just made one for my little bro! thanks!
hey in your last pic i see a katana! can u show me how to make that?!?
hsvadeba3 years ago
Im almost on my 100th kunai
omg this is so easy your so good at doiung instructions!!
arteemiss3 years ago
i did that design and i made 20 in an hour
It was not easy. I did it my own way.
Much easier.
it sucks
chip18603 years ago
i is so hard to do this
mgraham84 years ago
i dont no how to do number 6 :(
 a cheaper solution for making the kunai black is to paint it :D thats what i did and its great,
ibayibay1 (author)  Apple_4_life4 years ago
yea but tape makes it stronger
doesn't the paper get soggy?
i saw this on youtube, are u the same guy?
ibayibay1 (author)  zombiesurvival4 years ago
i havent put a video on youtube, so no
ahussain34 years ago
how to turn 5th picture in 6th picture its wierd
Крутооо, сейчас попробую, огромная благодарность автору *радуется*
and5rea4 years ago
everithing ir cool except for th 6 step
phinx1104 years ago
explanation on the number 6:
you see the picture nr 5 wel all you have to do is to fold the top sides again so that it wil look like a diamond.
but the horisontal diagonal must be at the same height as the 2 corners on the lower part
if you don't get it look at 7
from 6 to 7 you just have to fold it verticaly
MoreMagical4 years ago
i didnt fold the pointy sides over, and just folded them inside, then back again tro make a good cease, the i taped them leaving a small hole for the handle, ptut handle in and taped it and i think it looks better, you should try it ^^ its awesome design though from you
kichakra5 years ago
i cant understand 6 pic
nerdboi125 years ago
number 6 is a bit bright could someone explain it to me?
noorladha6 years ago
wow i likey
my 2 sisters are bewildered by were  these things r comming from
sasori985 years ago
this website is da bomb
nice thing but were is the 4th sheet? :S 1cut the paper into 4ths 2set two aside for the ring and handle
The first two made the blade. You have to fold them the same way and tape them together around the pencil :) 
ldddfd18995 years ago
please help me with step 6 i don't get it
Oh man i cant understand the step 6..
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