Step 2: Step 2

1cut the paper into 4ths
2set two aside for the ring and handle
3fold 2 of the 4ths in half long ways (hot dog) then unfold
4fold the corners in on them 'til they reach the 1/2 way line
5fold it like a paper airplane (just look at the pics)
6fold in 1/2 on crease
7put the 2 together like IN THE PICS
7tape ALL (it will be alot more durable if you tape ALL)
8 it should look like the pic
sasori985 years ago
this is so easy
WOW THIS ROcKS!!!! You are the best seriously this is awesome to make I'm just making my second one :D:D:D thanks!!!
woot! this is tons of fun!
hsvadeba3 years ago
Im almost on my 100th kunai
omg this is so easy your so good at doiung instructions!!
It was not easy. I did it my own way.
Much easier.
chip18604 years ago
i is so hard to do this
mgraham84 years ago
i dont no how to do number 6 :(
ahussain34 years ago
how to turn 5th picture in 6th picture its wierd
and5rea4 years ago
everithing ir cool except for th 6 step
phinx1104 years ago
explanation on the number 6:
you see the picture nr 5 wel all you have to do is to fold the top sides again so that it wil look like a diamond.
but the horisontal diagonal must be at the same height as the 2 corners on the lower part
if you don't get it look at 7
from 6 to 7 you just have to fold it verticaly
kichakra5 years ago
i cant understand 6 pic
nerdboi125 years ago
number 6 is a bit bright could someone explain it to me?
ldddfd18995 years ago
please help me with step 6 i don't get it
Oh man i cant understand the step 6..
Oh understood now!!
seashark6 years ago
i cant understand step2 pic 6 and pic 7
punk1203106 years ago
im stuck on step 5 help!!!!!!! Dx
nice thing but were is the 4th sheet? :S 1cut the paper into 4ths 2set two aside for the ring and handle
loserXpwner6 years ago
you have to fold the things from step 6 in half to get step seven
hbrian856 years ago
how did you made the paper airplane this think is hard
djme2896 years ago
omg this is awesome i would want to cuss right now but i wont but man this is awesome.
djme2896 years ago
yeah dude pic six is to bright how do you do it?
frikamajig6 years ago
how do u go from pic 6 to pic 7?
Pic eight is a bit confusing... It should be explained more.
Its TOO bright in step 2 pic 6 but man thats a good kunai