Picture of paper mache Joker mask
 I read a lot of comics and the best comic i liked was the joker (art inspired by Lee Bermejo) so my mom told me about the contest
on intructables and i decided to make a paper mache joker mask. This is my first instructable so i hope you like it.
Here are some things you will need:
- two cups of flour

- two cups of water

- newspaper cut into strips

- paint and paintbrush (the type of colors you need is red,white,and black)

- a knife or scissors to cut out the eyes and mouth
- bowl

- paper towel

- mask (i used guy fawkes mask from v for vendetta for the model)

-  a pencil

- black makeup (eye shadow)

- and string or elastic 

Step 1: Making the glue

Picture of making the glue
First take the two cups of flour and pour it in a bowl. Then take the two cups of water and pour it in with the flour. Stir it with a spoon and it will look like a slightly creamy mixture.
i used this video for help: http://youtu.be/KaLmdRBvGG4
HurcanDewit4 years ago
sweeeeeeet! one of my favorite comic villians. great job!
dosRedLight (author)  HurcanDewit4 years ago
why thank you it took me a while to make