Paper Mache and Glue Led Skull





Introduction: Paper Mache and Glue Led Skull

Step 1: Things Youll Need

 a skull (hopefully fake :p) that you wont need for anything else.
aluminum foil ( lots of it)
packing tape
1 popsickle stick
gorilla glue ( i find it works best but you don't need to use it)
old phone book
exacto blade or something good for cutting the material your skull is made out of
cardboard scraps
i bit of toilet paper
drill or nails for small hole
black paint (spray paint)
dry brush and biege paint
your choice of lights any color

also i just posted this on my site and please vote for me to win the ipad with the gorilla glue challenge my life is getting really busy and it would help so much.

Step 2: Foiling the Skull

I covered the skull in aluminum foil, taping the edges with some packing tape, and smoothing the whole thing down with a popsicle stick.� I only worked with the front half of the skull for now.� This part of the project must be done in two stages

Step 3: Starting the Mache

Then I went to work with the mache'.  I use a mixture of 2 parts glue and one part water, with a little cornstarch, and for this project I recycled a phone book!  To make coverage even, I like to alternate between white and yellow pages so I know where I've already covered when I have "help" from my little assistant.  I repeated the process with the back side of the skull after I removed the front part.  I believe I used 4 layers of mache' on each half. So if you dont understand how to make the mache paste here it is. First take a big bowl that can hold some water and wont spill. Next empty your gorilla glue into a cheap mesureing cup. Depending on how much paste you want or will use will be you should make the paste like this. 2 parts glue i part water. Example: you want one cup of paste, so you take 2/3 of a cup of glue and add 1/3 water. then ALWAYS STIR THE GLUE, this is very important.

Step 4: Cut a Hole Out

Once I got it taped together, I cut a hole in the bottom of the skull so I could access the inside.

Step 5:

�Then cut along between the teeth and along the jaw for an open mouth. use some tape and spare cardboard pieces in the corners of the mouth to kind of hold it open.

Step 6: Mache Again!

Once I got everything taped and cut the way I wanted it, I applied more papier mache' on the inside and the outside.� Again, I applied another 4 layers of paper inside and out.

Step 7: Add Some Features

Got some dental work done.� I just folded up some toilet paper, then soaked it with glue and just kind of worked it until it was shaped like teeth around the mouth.� I decided this guy gets fangs. also you could add some more mache to the ebrows for a more sinister look.

Step 8: Dryloking the Skull

I decided I wasn't going to do any more construction of the face on this guy.� So I busted out the DryLok and coated the inside and bottom of the skull.� I have it sitting upside down in a big bowl so it can dry.� I applied 2 coats of the DryLok. also after the first coat of drylok drys drill holes in the eyes like where you see them in the next step.

Step 9: Paint Grey

paint grey on the outside with spray paint

Step 10: Dry Brushing for Details

This part really gives it the hard dirty skull look. i used a dry painting brush and some biege paint.

Step 11: Add Some Leds and Your Done!

take some gorilla glue and glue the lights into the eyes. You can use what ever color of light you want, Id think red looks cool. you can string colored lights into these also so if you make a couple you can put them in you yard all being powered by one string of lights.



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    Great job. I like the way you made the teeth using toiliet paper.

    shouldnt even need that. he had it covered with foil before he started macheting(sp?)

    So, you say to use a skull you wont need for anything else, but as I understand the directions nothing happens to it in the molding process, right? So, I could use one of my nice skulls that I prefer to keep for later use, with just a little cleaning, right? Thanks!

    Thanks, This instructable helped me a lot with last Halloween. I won first place in my school's costume contest as "Grim's Bride". The eyes have a timer so they "blink" on and off with a red eerie glow! Thanks again! ^_^

    Unhappy Couple copy.jpg

    So kool my brother!!!

    Nice work, this is a huge improvement over a "stock" prop skull!

    your geting 5 stars for the instructable and my vote but not because you asked just because i love this instructable

    oh my gosh! this is so cool thanks for a awsome instructable