Introduction: Paper Magnum

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this gun shoots paper hornits and it hurts so do not shoot it at the face

Step 1: Body of Gun

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this part has to be very good because it will mess up when you shoot it. first roll 3 rolls the short way and put it the size of your finger then tape them together.

Step 2: Handle of Gun

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this part is ezy to make and you can put it any way you like  but keep the left overs. roll up a peace of paper the short way and make it the langth of 3 fingers. then cut it in half and cut itt at an angle.

Step 3: Fire Macinism

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this part is hard to make and you need to tape it very good or you can use staples. cut a paper in half the long way then set 1 half a side the cut that in half tha short way ano fold them the same way then fold them in half again the same way then open 1 fold and tape the rubber band good.

Step 4: Puting It All Together

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tape the handle to the 3 rolls. then take the half peace of paper and cover the 3 rolls .add the fire mecinism to the back and add the rubber band to the midle roll. then tape it.

Step 5: Mag

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this does not work it just holds the just take a scrap peace of paper and put it on the botom of the second half of the hadle.

Step 6: The Bulet

Picture of The Bulet

follow the pics.

Step 7: Now You Done

Picture of Now You Done

have fun with the gun this thing may rime but thats not i crime but there is one more thing dont hit any one in the eye


shawdow7341 (author)2010-01-31

very cool but mine does not look like yours because  i colored the whole thing black

blackdim (author)shawdow73412010-01-31

thanx for that but if it does not look good you can put a new cover

yeolddingdong (author)blackdim2010-03-13

or barter  or I'll make somthing i'll do anything

yeolddingdong (author)blackdim2010-03-13

could i buy this of you

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