Paper plane i invented #2

Picture of paper plane i invented #2
i have designed several planes due to boredom during high school classes
this was my second
it uses standard 8.5"/11"
this is a very fast, very accurate, very durable plane
i spent 10 minutes throwing it a wall as hard as i could without damaging it enough to change flight performance
this plane is extremely easy to throw
this plane is slightly more complicated than the average paper plane but MUCH simpler than my other designs
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Step 1:

Picture of
first fold in half the long way and unfold

Step 2:

Picture of
fold half of front edge to middle like most plane designs
hold finger to mark the point that the corner reaches
release fold
but keep your finger in place

Step 3:

Picture of
fold intersection of front edge and central creace to point marked by finger
crease only a small bit near the middle

Step 4:

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fold front corners to the intersection of the creases

Step 5:

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fold intersection of front edge and central creace to intersection of two creases
crease only a small bit near the middle

Step 6:

Picture of
fold at intersection of first two creases such that the central crease overlaps it's self

Step 7:

Picture of
fold corners to intersection of central crease and the crease made in step 5

Step 8:

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fold along central crease
fold wings down such that the edge of the wings runs along the central crease

Step 9:

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undo the folds that brought the wings down
invert along what was the front of the plane before step 7

Step 10:

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fold the wings back down and squish the bit sticking up
you are done

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