Picture of paper plane i invented #3
i have designed several planes due to boredom during high school classes
this was my third
it uses standard 8.5"/11"
this plane is extremely hard to fold and just as hard to fly
it is THE MOST complicated plane i know of
however, it is completely different from all other planes i know of in that
the central fold is significantly rotated from the wings and opens both ways

also, if you can successfully fold and fly it it will flap it's wings
slight imperfection will eliminate flapping
i have made Sevres dozen of these and only one flapped
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Step 1:

Picture of
first fold in half long ways and unfold

Step 2:

Picture of
now fold the paper such that both intersections between the edge of the paper and the central crease touch one of the long sides
pics 2 and 3 show where these intersections should go

Step 3:

Picture of
now fold and unfold along the original fold as shown
note it is important to fold towards the side that has the fold already on it
otherwise the paper will shift and the entire plane will turn out askew

Step 4:

Picture of
flip and repeat
then reverse the fold from step3 so that it is in the same direction

Step 5:

Picture of
fold in the middle such that the folds from steps 3 and 4 are brought together
you can now see which parts will become the wings and body and they will henceforth be referred to as such

Step 6:

Picture of
fold the wings up
fold the body such that the end of the central fold touches the back edge of the wing
    and the back tip of the body is lined up with the fold of the wings (illustrated in pic 1)

Step 7:

Picture of
open the plane and invert body at the fold from step 6
close the body again

Step 8:

Picture of
fold wings down
fold between the front tip and the back corned of each wing
i apologize for the rotation between pics 1 and 2
last pic shows plane so far if winds are put to flight position (does not fly yet)
rimar20002 years ago
Interesting and original.