Paper Poppers





Introduction: Paper Poppers

this is a great new way to annoy everyone within earshot!!

Step 1: Materials

a peice of paper. ya. thats it.

Step 2: Folding

just fold the paper into 4ths. the short way. like in the pics.

then fold the whole thing in half so the loose end of the paper is on the inside.(last 2 pics).

Step 3: Poping!

now here is the hard part to explain.

pull the two loose corners of the paper up and pinch the bottom corner below that.

your'e all set. now there should be two little pockets at the top of the popper. point that down, and hold it about at your ear.

now swing down so the air catches those pockets and "pops" them open. if you did it right it will create a loud bang.

if it didnt work, or it isnt very loud, try making the creases sharper, or swinging your arm harder.



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its so annoying to my teachers shes like WHO IS DOING THAT

please help me i folded in forths then in half now wot

Or you could get a popper , inflate it and jump on it!

i used those HUGE construction paper sheets their LOUD you should try it

so if it's bigger it's better?

I woke my brother at five o clock in the morning with a construction paper one. lol