Picture of paper poppers
this is a great new way to annoy everyone within earshot!!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
a peice of paper. ya. thats it.

Step 2: Folding

just fold the paper into 4ths. the short way. like in the pics.

then fold the whole thing in half so the loose end of the paper is on the inside.(last 2 pics).

Step 3: Poping!

Picture of poping!
Photo 57.jpg
Photo 58.jpg
Photo 59.jpg
now here is the hard part to explain.

pull the two loose corners of the paper up and pinch the bottom corner below that.

your'e all set. now there should be two little pockets at the top of the popper. point that down, and hold it about at your ear.

now swing down so the air catches those pockets and "pops" them open. if you did it right it will create a loud bang.

if it didnt work, or it isnt very loud, try making the creases sharper, or swinging your arm harder.
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Haha annoys mah Japanese teacher she dont know who it is
memorylove4 years ago
bethanyj114 years ago
please help me i folded in forths then in half now wot
RedFlash5 years ago
Or you could get a popper , inflate it and jump on it!
unominame6 years ago
i used those HUGE construction paper sheets their LOUD you should try it
so if it's bigger it's better?
I woke my brother at five o clock in the morning with a construction paper one. lol
DarkWolf585 years ago
I saw someone used this at school during lunch and I asked him how did you do that and the guy said You mean like this? While popping the paper in my face. An adult saw this happened and the guy got suspended for 4 weeks lol.
coolo525 years ago
awesmoe loud :)
fold it in half so the folds are inside if that makes sense
jaknife1102 (author)  Americanballer7 years ago
did you try watching the vid?
jaknife1102 (author)  Americanballer7 years ago
which step? the actual popping? or the folding?
Charles IV7 years ago
mine aint very loud -cries-
use that big construction paper
jaknife1102 (author)  Charles IV7 years ago
once you build it, its all in the wrist flick. make sure the part that "pops" open is catching lots of air. good luck and have fun!
bigt46167 years ago
everyone was doing this last year at school and the teachers got so pissed off at us. they would tell us to throw the paper away and we would just make another.
owmeow bigt46165 years ago
my teach is the same dude
i cant get it to work
stickybug6 years ago
Those paper poppers realy work......... I almost got kicked out of school for using it
ratna6 years ago
Tabbies1016 years ago
Wow This is pretty cool! Thanks for posting it, now I can annoy people! YAY!
Superman137 years ago
Cool! The video really helped me figure out how to "pop" it.
It's cool but there are easier and better ways.
If I'll have time, I'm going to make instructions...
But yours is cool too...
travis777 years ago
how do you make those two losse corners
jaknife1102 (author)  travis777 years ago
after you fold it in fourths, you fold it in half with the edge of the paper on the inside... does that make sense?
Wolfie427 years ago
MUHAHAHAHA i made one out of a big A1 sheet >:) My god i can't hear anything now... good fun really is thank for this i had forgoten how to do it :D!
jaknife1102 (author)  Wolfie427 years ago
glad u enjoyed it.
SeaLion7 years ago
I gave up after folding up a sausage roll lookalike...Though I'd like to have sausage roll for lunch tomorrow afternoon...=P
jaknife1102 (author) 7 years ago
i dont know if anyone has been having trouble making this, but to be sure, i posted a video (quicktime) on step 2.
hedgiehog7 years ago
OMG it makes a really nice bang, good to scare ppl. I'm gonna make a really big one MUHAHHAHAHAHAH *cough*
jarhead9067 years ago
This isn't exactly "annoying" or "cool", you could easily make a louder noise by slamming your fist onto a table top XD. I DID get it to work after I used some common sense to fold it correctly. Still a clever idea though, don't get me wrong.
worked perfectly for me :D
I really liked to see, you took the effort to make this instructable
Z-and-B-inc8 years ago
i like it these things have a little bit of enjoyment
Pretty dumb no offense
Cryptickley8 years ago
:o I'm dumb and I don't know how to do it but its cool.
jaknife1102 (author)  Cryptickley8 years ago
i didnt explain it very well. try looking @ someone elses page.
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