Picture of paper puzzle cube
This is a kind of puzzle cube. I made it to see what I could do with the use of really normal stuff. They are all kind of shapes that fit in the box as shown on the picture. I gave it as a present for  a gift exchange.
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Step 1: What do you need

Picture of What do you need
Like I said, I wanted to see what I could do with stuff:
- coloured paper. ( I used two-colour origami paper.)
- something between paper and cardboard( too thin to be real cardboard, too thick for paper.)
- seetrough plastic bag.
- glue.
- scissors.
- ruler.

Step 2: Drawing

Before we're gonna make the shapes, we want to know what shapes to make.
I made sure all the shapes I used were easy enough to make out of paper

NOTE: the black square is an open spot, not a shape.

Step 3: This could take a while...

Now take your ruler and draw these shapes!
Every square is 1 by 1 cm.

Step 4: Cutting it all out

Picture of Cutting it all out
Cut out all the shapes you just drew.

Step 5: Folding and glueing

Picture of Folding and glueing
Fold the shapes and glue it all together.

Step 6: The box

Picture of The box
Now we just have to make the box to put the shapes in...
Make a cube from 4,5 by 4,5 cm. Draw a square 0,5 cm from the edge. Cut the square out and replace them by a piece of plastic bag.
Fold the cube and glue it together, leaving one side open.

Step 7: That's it!

Picture of That's it!
Congratulations! You have made your very own special unique puzzel cube. But, do you know how to solve it?

craftpro2 years ago
This is so cool!!! I just don't have the patience!!!!
emilyvanleemput (author)  craftpro2 years ago
That's what I first thought. But then I thought: You know what? I can do this!!!!!!!!
sunshiine2 years ago
I will try this! Thanks for sharing!
emilyvanleemput (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
Thank you
really cute!
emilyvanleemput (author)  twinkleshine2 years ago
Thank you
ChrysN2 years ago
Cool puzzle!
emilyvanleemput (author)  ChrysN2 years ago
Thank you!
ynze2 years ago
Cool! You obviously know how to solve it :-)
emilyvanleemput (author)  ynze2 years ago
Thanks! You will probably solve it.. After a while..
With a lot of frustration :)