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I am not the first person to think of this but here is my experience with making one

Step 1: First Off

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I tried using toilet paper rolls but they are flimsy and partially fall apart while cutting the lengths. so I decided to pull out the left over Christmas paper and steal the cardboard rolls... on a better note I didn't have to save toilet paper rolls for 2 weeks!

Step 2: Next You Measure the Depth of the Flower Petals and Start Marking Lines and Cutting

Picture of Next You Measure the Depth of the Flower Petals and Start Marking Lines and Cutting

after they are all cut start placing them in different ways to get an idea of how you want it to look

Step 3: Glue

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I seen a lot of people using hot glue to stick the rolls together but there's always over run and little strings everywhere

I used cheep super glue it works just as fast!

Step 4: A Little Contrast

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I used thumbtacks to make the center of the flower

Step 5: Placement

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once the flowers are made position them however you like gluing them together along the way

Step 6: Install and Admire

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once it is completely glued you want to paint everything then hang it


ishu1000 (author)2015-03-29

I want to ask you that the cardboard petals are placed inside 2 mirrors attached to wooden sides or what ?

drosenkranz (author)ishu10002015-03-29

it is just an empty picture frame no back and no glass front

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