hi, on this tutorial ill show how to make an amazing paper airplane that fly a lot of time and stay a lot of time in the air.

its called "The Spy Plane"

Step 1: Materials

ok, the only thing you will need is 1 paper.(i used special origami paper)

Step 2: Folding

1. start with fold and then unfold the paper on his center.

2. then fold 1 inch from the bottom of the paper, do it 7 times.

3. rotate and flip over the paper.

4. fold to half from left to right.

5. fold the top flap back but save something like 1 inch (see on picture), same on the other side.

6. fold a little fins on each wing

7. you ready for fly!

Step 3: How to Fly It.

pay attention: fly it outside

to fly it, throw it hard as you can to the open sky. the higher you fly it before its start gliding, the longer it will say in the air.

have fun!

<p>He got it from the klutz airplane book</p>
<p>you dont know he probly figured it out himself so be quiet</p>
<p>wow! that was easy for a 8 year old person</p>
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<p>sorry for the not so good pics</p>
<p>actually the pic's arnt that bad, it's just the first one. You got my vote if you were to fix it, nice instructable.</p>
<p>i change the picture so can i get your vote?</p>
<p>beautiful, you got my vote.</p>
Don't worry, you can replace pictures even after publication.
<p>did you get this out of a book, because i think i have it</p>

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