Introduction: Paper Star.( 3-D)

Picture of Paper Star.( 3-D)

this is a pretty simple way of making a cool star out of a strip of paper.

what you will need: paper(prefferably printing paper)
                                    a marker to draw faces(optional)

Step 1: Cutting the Strip

Picture of Cutting the Strip

just cut out a strip of paper a little less than an inch thick. the thiker the strip the harder it is to make the star.

Step 2: Fold the Strip

Picture of Fold the Strip

you must make a loop with the paper to make the shape of a pentagon that should look like the pictures below. after this keep folding it along the edge until you only have a small part of the strip remaining, tuck it into the other folds.

Step 3:

Picture of

it should turn out like this when you finish folding.

use your thumb nail and push in all the sides to make the form of the star.

Step 4: Voila!

Picture of Voila!

well you should be done with your star. it may take practice to get it to look good. but uh,, your welcome if it turned out cool. hehe


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