Picture of paper vase
Here I want to told you how to make a paper vase, which is also waterproof. 

This is the stuff you need:
- magazines 
- waterproof wood glue
- normal glue
- cutting edge
- cutter
- cutting mat
- polyester resin
- wine bottle 
- brush
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Step 1: A snake of paper

Picture of a snake of paper
Take 6 magazine papers and cut them right.  
Put some glue at the bottom of the papers and glue them together. 
Take another 6 papers and cut them a centimetre shorter than the ones before. Glue them also together and also on the bigger ones before. 
Repeat this till the magazines are 1 centimetre wide. 
You will have a snake of paper. 

Step 2: Rolling the vase

Picture of rolling the vase
When you have finished the 'paper snake', you have to take the biggest site of the paper.
Take your wine bottle and start to roll the paper around the bottle.
Meanwhile you have to glue the paper with wood glue (for the strength and waterproof), and glue them on each other. 
After a few papers you may switch the wood glue for the normal glue. 
When you are rolling, beware of glide of the paper. 
Repeat this until your paper is used up. 
Now you have the first part of your vase. 

Step 3: Making the bottom

Picture of making the bottom
Now you will make the bottom of the vase. 
Take the half of a magazine paper, cut them in the length, and fold it up with a width of a centimetre. 
You will glue it  with normal glue. 
When you have around 20 of this sticks, you may start with rolling the bottom.
Glue the sticks with wood glue, it will make it strong. 
When you have the diameter of the vase, glue it in the vase with wood glue. 
Now your vase is ready, but when you want to make the vase waterproof, read the following step. 
ChrysN4 years ago
scoochmaroo4 years ago
These paper vases look really great! I love them.