Picture of paper vase
Here I want to told you how to make a paper vase, which is also waterproof. 

This is the stuff you need:
- magazines 
- waterproof wood glue
- normal glue
- cutting edge
- cutter
- cutting mat
- polyester resin
- wine bottle 
- brush

Step 1: A snake of paper

Picture of a snake of paper
Take 6 magazine papers and cut them right.  
Put some glue at the bottom of the papers and glue them together. 
Take another 6 papers and cut them a centimetre shorter than the ones before. Glue them also together and also on the bigger ones before. 
Repeat this till the magazines are 1 centimetre wide. 
You will have a snake of paper. 
ChrysN4 years ago
scoochmaroo4 years ago
These paper vases look really great! I love them.