Paper Wasp Crossbow





Introduction: Paper Wasp Crossbow

Awesome launcher to shoot those awesome paper wasps!!!

Step 1: Materials

you need
2 rulers
6 snapple caps
a clothespin
a rubberband
2 big popsicle sticks

Step 2: The Base

put the 2 rulers together to form a "T" . Put a snapple cap at each end on the left and right(open side down). Put the clothespin at the bottom of the "T".

Step 3: The Rest

Cut the rubber band then duct tape it to each snapple cap on the left and right.Then make the handle (it should look like the image).

Step 4: Assembly

attach the handle to the base and get ready to launch!!!

Step 5: Assembly

attach the handle to the base and get ready to launch!!!



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    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image for the project, even if it's just a video that you're trying to publish.

    Please do that, and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work.


    some pictures would be nice

    omg! METAL WASPS! WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR TIME!!!!???? (maybe I should actually use the caps lock)

    look at my instructables, i just like to make weapons, it's fun

    umm i live in australia and ive never heard of snapple caps what are they?? lol

    Please add pictures! i dont understand your image! if you do i can make one and introduce them to my wasp toteing frends and it will surely become very popular! i will give yall credit for it!

    you're like me i like instructables and rotteneggs too o and cool idea

    This is so cool!

    Some pictures would help. Alot.

    yah i tried making one out of knex it isint worth it you need a rubber band and some paper thats all

    its interesting but it seems large and unnescessary for hornets, whose main purpose is a quick and painful shot, i give you a b- for creativity, but you lost points for bulkiness, make it smaller, please.