Picture of paper whistle
ok yea name give it away want to annoy the heck out of someone use this ok this is a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllly long one
ok all u need is paper and a printer or fold a peice in half and just cut the shape

Step 1: Now right click save picture as and paste in word or wordpad

Picture of now right click save picture as and paste in word or wordpad
C:\Documents and Settings\Mick\My Documents\aaron\pics\instructables\100_1779.JPG
C:\Documents and Settings\Mick\My Documents\aaron\pics\instructables\100_1783.JPG
then print and cut and fold
Turtlepee5 years ago
MY brother taught me how to do this about a month ago. It works great!
short dude6 years ago
nice man!
Didrtan7 years ago
dang too bad I didn't find this yesterday today was the last day of school it would have made for great fun at the end of the year assembly
me too, what school?
nice job
E-Salz6 years ago
csf01377 years ago
Amazing. i have built one and I get a sound like: EEEEEEIGGGHEEETREEEEEDEEEEEGGGGHHHGGEEEGHHHHH but my question is is possible modify the paper template to get a sound like AAAAAAAAGHGGGYYYYYNNNNAAAAAGGGHHHYYYYYNNNNNNNNNN ?
scafool csf01376 years ago
Cool, the bigger you make it the lower the note it makes. I guess that means you could make a tuned set and have a bunch of kids play a song.
csf0137 scafool6 years ago
I use a mixture of polycaprolactone and cat fur instead of paper. The sound of my "polycafurcat twistle" if very high (break the eardrum membrane to children under 10 years and the crab shell explodes)
wait what?
scafool csf01376 years ago
Ouch! It sounds serious!
just go aaaaaaaghgggggyyyynnnnaaaaggghhhyyyyyynnnnnnnn!
hmm maybe if you made the backend of the whistle igger but im not sure
Batryn6 years ago
This is great!!! BTW, would it work better with plastic?
it could possibaly i dont know
alfpwns6 years ago
theburn77 years ago
hey, this was my invention, and i hoped nobody took it. BTW you got the shape all wrong
great great grandfather taught my grandpa who taught my dad who taught me how to make them so you can not claim it was yours sure you could have a different shape but these have been aound for a long time i just publised them on here sorry abotu your luck
ok ok ok, i was kidding, i got it from a book that i got from the thrift store that came from 1927, lol, it is mashed to peices
Lordofhack7 years ago
cool I might make 1 =]
Xaderth7 years ago
LOL! An amazingly annoying little bugger, indeed! In the future, though, could you please work on punctuation, grammar, and spelling, please?
Sure, sorry about that, too use to "IM'ing" people.
"to USED to IM'ing people"
bec bec7 years ago
"too" lol
CJ Pain7 years ago
This is so cool I'm annoying my sister now but my dogs scared
Bartboy7 years ago
Cool! +1
Chuck P.7 years ago
LOL. This thing is great :D
dhruvgaara7 years ago
i annoyed the nerves outta my class teacher she still doesnt know who did it...me! well i gotta say its brilliant!