Introduction: Paperang

this is the most awesome plane i have ever flew because it gives an awesome feel

this is the official site of the paperang

Step 1: Materials & Tools.

1 a4 paper

Step 2: 1st Fold

fold in half

Step 3: 2nd Fold

fold corner 1 down
repeat on other side

Step 4: 3rd Fold

fold point up
repeat on other side

Step 5: 4th Fold

cut like in the pictures

Step 6: 5th Fold

i can actually only show you this step
you have to fold the bottom of the triangle up over the new line in the icture

Step 7: 6th Fold

fold everything down

Step 8: 7th Step

fold the point over

Step 9: 8th Fold

open up
since this speaks for itself you dont need a picture

Step 10: Fold 9

tuck in the piece that is out and staple

Step 11: DONE!!!!

to throw get it by the tail and open your hands when you throw it



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i need help for all of the steps i find them hard

Will this work with a 81/2" x 11" sheet?

Sure! I just made one, and it works very well.

i dont know...
try=D id love to see a foto/film of it =D

This works great! It's an excellent glider, and not to hard to make!

Ed Hui, the original creator of the paperang, is actually an instructables member. there was another instructable on a paperang variation called the canardwings that was posted where he expressed that he would like to be asked before instructions to his invention be posted, so it is probably a good idea to shoot him a message to make sure he is ok with your instructable. his instructables username is edhui and you can read his comments on the other instructable Here
that said, you did do a great job of illustrating the process.

Thanks for  pointing that out. Funnily enough I don't remember being asked about this one (I haven't heard from dunnos). I got notified about this by Google alerts today.
Anyway, I'm glad people are enjoying the Paperang. It's true, I don't like seeing my design reproduced elsewhere, but at least there's a link back to my website where there are photos of the construction process and a downloadable pdf. I only charge for the printable pdf.
The web is a funny place. I guess I can get my head around content being delivered at very low cost, and I really like instructables and the folks that come to this site- so I'm really not too concerned here. But I do pay for music downloads, and in the end I don't want paperang pdfs to be freely available without any connection back to me- I don't know what that pdf is that's posted here because I'm not a pro member, so if it's my pdf I'd appreciate it if you (dunnos)  remove it.
Meanwhile, I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the Paperang Moth, which is a whole different thing. There's a Youtube video at 
Hope you like it. Instructable folks should be able to guess how to make it, but if you do, please don't post an instructable on it... There's a book about it.