How to build a quick and easy bow out of just a paperclip and a rubber band. I know the video didnt turn out so great but it is basically just me shooting a pencil with the bow.

Step 1: Step 1

One paperclip (the bigger the better)
One rubber band
make the rubber band tighter--flip it around making a double layer then twist it to give support for arrow I was gonna post a bow like this and then saw yours
if you would like, i can make you a collaborator. you can change this instructable and add your own pictures and things.
huh...hey,did u know how to make these b4 andrew showed us? anyways, besides the video this was pretty good...*cough(butandrewsisbetter)cough*. We should have a war with these with things to protect our eyes lol, u and i vs andrew,kevin and johnny
Its a gizmo bow from gremilns! I used to make these in elementary school.

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