a very bad papercraft pinball thing I made up

Note: I made this when I was twelve, had a bad sense of what was good, and was extremely bad at grammar and art.

Step 1: Get Template

first, you save the photo into paint, then you print on one by one page on portrait

Step 2: Cut Out

cut out on the outlines indicated, then fold on the solid lines

Step 3: Glueing

add glue to indicated tabs, and insert into place

Step 4: Some Assembley Required

assemble as shown in photo

Step 5: Finish

all done!
People be polite with your comments! I thought it was okay for a 12 yr old ! I love papercrafts so I liked it!
keyboard cat meow meow meow<br><br>__________________<br>______________.___<br>________._________<br>____.______.___.___<br><br>PAPERCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree.. doesn't do much!!! Attach a USB stick at least to be useful <br>
Why would it do anything? It's a papercraft model. Papercraft things don't really do much.
Perhaps ( Not always), but at least are beautiful to see them. Yours is pretty boring and ugly too!!!
Well what do you expect? I made this when I was twelve, had no artistic skills, and the only image editing program I had heard of was MS paint!
hmmm ok then sorry i think now you get better designer!!!
What does it do? <br>Nothing?
im gonna make a better version of this on paint.net..
absolutely nothing.
Did you use MS paint?
Not to be mean like EVERYONE else this sorta sucked, if it did stuff that would be cool- ha! I got it: it's a nick-nack
f its really bad, why did you bother posting it
yea i dont really want to make this.
yay! 1000 views!
That is so AWSOME! can you make a paper pac-man one too? If so tell me!
you mean a stand ub one? sure
So..... what does it do?
it is a model