Picture of paracord bracelet.
I just found how to make a very cool paracord bracelet.
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Step 1: Make the loop

Picture of make the loop
make an over hand knot with a loop in it.

Step 2: Adding the second string

Picture of adding the second string
(it gets a little confusing here, make sure you look at the pics) .Find the mid point of the second sting and place it above the overhand knot. then make a loop,and then add an other loop though the first, and then tighten the first loop.then take your inner strand and put it through the second loop

Step 3: Continue the weave.

Picture of continue the weave.
(pics) now rinse and repeat till desired length. 

Step 4: Ending the bracelet.

Picture of ending the bracelet.
finish and enjoy your new parador bracelet.
This is an awesome instructable, despite your heinous mauling of English grammar. :D
parabuilder2 years ago
how many feet of paracord do u use
fireguard3 years ago
Is this the knot that makes a rapid-deploy bracelet, in case you need your paracord right quick?
Thanks for the instructable; most that rely heavily on pictures don't come out as clearly. Well done.
CaseBoy (author)  fireguard3 years ago
thank you, and yes it is the knot that makes a rapid deploy bracelet (i believe it is called the sinnet braid)
Rhyrhy CaseBoy3 years ago
What kind of rope
CaseBoy (author)  Rhyrhy3 years ago
550 paracord