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Hi everybody this is a new paracord braclet that I came up with. It has a magnetic snap to hold the braclet on.

pros- quick to take off and on

cons- can fall off sometimes

notes- if I make it again I will use shrink tubing instead of duct tape so the magnets will not come out

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see you later Sonic Broom     


Very cool, I'd love to see instructions!

craftclarity (author)2014-02-19

It'd sure be nice to see a step-by-step so that I can learn how to make one!

sonic broom (author)craftclarity2014-03-05

i will post one win a figer it out the magnets fall out and it has other problems so it will be nice to have one that works !!!

sonic broom (author)2014-02-21

yes I will soon

jessebug3904 (author)2014-02-20

can u put instrutions so we can make one

99016669 (author)2014-02-19


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