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working on options to keep earbuds and iPod Shuffle wrapped and tangle-free.

This yellow one is an updated version that I use every day to carry my earbuds in my jeans pocket. I added the beads as an experiment. These are silver w/ 5mm hole (I think). I just melted and flattened the end of the tassels to keep them on.


hawcrofta (author)2014-04-16


Jerry E (author)hawcrofta2014-04-17


beergun (author)2012-12-31

what kind of knot is that?

Jerry E (author)beergun2012-12-31

This is a knife lanyard knot. Very handy, and not too hard to learn. Here's a youtube tutorial link:

Jerry E (author)2011-06-30

It is not that much to look at, but functionally, the simple headphone wrap is the best. I have tried many alternatives, but this is the best by far for carrying them in my jeans pocket.

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