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Monkey fists were first used as decorations or to put weight at the end of a rope, but in the mafia and gang they are used as weapons.

Step 1: 1

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get your materials lighter, paracord,and the bionical

Step 2: 2

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wrap around your finger 3 times like so

Step 3: 3

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now wrap around your middle finger half way once

Step 4: 4

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now wrap it around the step 2 cord 4 times slide in the ball joint

Step 5: 5

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now go over step 4  4 times

Step 6: 6

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almost don pull all the strings tight

Step 7: 7

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tighten all the cord

Step 8: 8

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cut to desired length

Step 9:

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now fuse end together


curious youth (author)2012-01-26

needs more words. i dont get most of it.

tjg144 (author)curious youth2012-01-28

thank you its my first instructable and it was just sorta hard to put it in words

curious youth (author)tjg1442012-01-29

its all goods maybe just have like
wrap paracord around this many fingers this many time and then wrap around horozontally 3 times etc etc. theres so many of them out there just have a look and get your own style going :)

tjg144 (author)curious youth2012-01-29

thanks thats really helpful

curious youth (author)tjg1442012-01-30

no worries man

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