Introduction: Paracord Stretchable Dog Leash

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this is a 4 foot ish pararcord dog leash. it stretches some so if you want a rigid one I will tell you how a little later. this also has multiple colors which I do not show how to connect different strands. I recommend using a solid color throughout. well lets get started.

Step 1: Materials

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1. 24ft. of paracord (or more than that and you cut it at desired length)

2. 16ft. of yarn or (this is for a more rigid leash) paracord twice the length you want the leash

3. 2x clamps (optional)

4. carabineer

5. time. it took me and my friend 45min. but if you have never done it before expect close to an hour if not more

Step 2: (if You Use Clamps)

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clamp the yarn or leash length paracord to flat surface.

Step 3:

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put the middle of the paracord under the yarn

Step 4:

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pull the left side of the paracord over the yarn

Step 5:

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take the top piece down over the other

Step 6:

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pull the piece on top under the yarn and through the loop and pull semi tight.

Step 7:

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repeat steps 2-5 till you reach the end of paracord or to desired length.

Step 8: (strectchy Leash Only)

this step is a little difficult and is why you don't pull each braid super tight. pull the yarn out of the middle of paracord.

Step 9:

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use excess paracord at the end of the leash and tie to itself at desired handle size.

Step 10:

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put carabineer at opposite end of handle

Step 11: Your Done

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have fun. make adjustments. and please comment


dishmanhills (author)2015-08-09

This looks like a great project for a first-timer with paracord.

ljm911 (author)dishmanhills2015-08-09

that was kinda my goal. I didn't want something to hard that even I got confused making but also something strong and used often

kscharein (author)2015-08-09

do you know what kind of dog that is? because we have a rescue dog that looks just like your dog

ljm911 (author)kscharein2015-08-09

lab ridgeback. he's just about 2. his mom is a small lab so he probably isn't going to be full ridgeback size

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