Parallel Arm Lift Instructions





Introduction: Parallel Arm Lift Instructions

sorry, i didn't want to count to 1200 or something, so there is no part list this time.
however, here are the full instructions for the parallel arm lift.
if you want this lift to be smaller, you just don't add one or two arms, but if you want it to be larger i'm sorry, but the gears will slip and the lift won't work.
good luck!

Step 1: Base

Step 2: Arms

first you need to know how to make an arm

Step 3: Left Arms

fr this part you need two arms and a special arm.

Step 4: Exit

Step 5: Right Arms

you need 3 arms
well i think i forgot to take extra pictures. i hope it's clear enough.

Step 6: Main Axle+support

Step 7: Top

note: i used 2 solar motors, but 1 was far enough to turn the lift.

Step 8: Well That's All

hope it was clear enough



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    well tried to make the lift but poor photo's plus the multi colours and bad light I had not got a hope

    Which came first? the chicken or the egg? Oh, I mean the parallel arm lift (martb) or parallel arm lift (shadowman & sorunome) :P

    I believe this one was built first, but it is slow and very heavy.

    yours came first.

    haha! i used to make all kinds of weird smileys.
    @0.0@ is a monkey for example

    OK, watch this!!!

    0 0



    it doesn't look slow...

    Smileys overdose!






    Seriously! How could I have forgotten this one???? :)