Introduction: Part 1; Beginner Rc Airplane (body)

Picture of Part 1; Beginner Rc Airplane (body)

hi there.

here is an economical and simple airplane body.

it took me just 15 minutes to set up the body.

this is rather small. approx 14 inches long.

stay tuned for the next part (electronics).

Step 1: What You Need.

Picture of What You Need.

foamboard. 6mm depron or dollartree might work, i did not have either.

tape (electrical tape, not shown in pic)

scale (not shown)



Step 2: Get Crankin'

Picture of Get Crankin'

cut a 12" or 14" (all units inches) long by 12 centimeter (only take cm if i specified it).

divide it into three 4 cm divisions.

make a cut (donot cut through the paper)

hot glue them together.

Step 3: Wing (armin Wing)

Picture of Wing (armin Wing)

cut a 14" by 10" piece.

bend it across the 10" side to get a 14" by 5" wing.

hot glue them together.

refer to the picture for further clarity.

you should be getting a nicely curved wing

Step 4: The Attaching

Picture of The Attaching

this step requires extreme caution. I talk from experience of hot glued hands. It was a sticky encounter.

hot glue the wing to the fuselage.

i have not mentioned where to hot glue the wing because the cg (center of gravity) can be adjusted later on when electronics are attached.

Step 5: Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers

Picture of Horizontal and Vertical Stabilizers

start with a 5.5" piece of foam board . leave a 1cm gap on either side and make hinges using electric tape then

take 3 cm from the top and cut to the center.

for the rudder, cut a 4" piece of foam. make a diagonal cut from one end to the other


/ l

/ /


sorry for the shake (weird symbolistic rudder) but looks kind of like that. follow the lines.

again sorry.

Step 6: Cover the Rest of the Fuselage

Picture of Cover the Rest of the Fuselage

cover the rest of the fuselage with foam and hot glue them.

Step 7: Make Hinges

Picture of Make Hinges

make hinges using tape for the rudder and elevator

Step 8: Finished

Picture of Finished

the body of our small plane is finished .

i will publish a part 2 with the electronics to make it a real rc aircraft. (model)


robobot3112 (author)2015-08-02

take (not tale )

robobot3112 (author)2015-08-02

sorry guys will tale me some time coming up with part 2

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