video Part 1:personalized gdesklets clock image
put your own personal pictures on the face of the clock in gdesklets for ubuntu. Its a little bit of a task but cool nonetheless. important points are 1.you must resize image to be used to 200 pixels or so,do not resize the clock though. 2.in order to save to the gdesklets folder and to edit the display script you must be root (terminal type gksudo nautilus)3.i recorded my common mistakes so you can see what to do when they happen.

What distro are you using and how did you get the windows to bend around like that, its cool.
Linux has so many cool gadgets and looks yet its nowhere near Microsoft, strange.
ikoda6 years ago
How do you get a digital Clock?
acidrain1 (author)  ikoda6 years ago
scroll down the list in gdesklets and youll find the digital ones