Pasta/pizza pie or pastizza

Picture of pasta/pizza pie or pastizza
Pizza is basically a baked flour crust topped with sauce and mozzarella that goes great with many types of additions. This creation substitutes the crust with pasta. OK OK I know it's NOT pizza but it IS tasty.
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Step 1: Gather

Picture of gather
raid your pantry and refrigerator fro the ingredients you want to use.
a box of pasta
 a small jar of sauce
ground meat ( I'm using some meatloaf mix that needed 2 be used up)
I got the packages of pepperoni and salami at the dollar store.. it's not the best but it's pretty good
mozzarella cheese, I'm using sliced from a local sandwich shop but you can use preshredded or even REAL mozzarella

 not pictured
Italian seasoning

 the sharp eyed among you may notice there's a different pasta in the dish than pictured, I had a rare but not unusual problem when I poured the pasta in the water.. MEALY BUGS ! !  EEEWWW... so I had to use elbows instead

Step 2: Pasta

Picture of pasta
I was taught by an old Italian woman to use LOTS of water when making pasta, it's kind of amazing how people will try to cook a pound of pasta in a quart of water. I use a 10qt pot about 3/4 full with lots of salt, garlic powder and Italian seasoning. Bring the water to a hard boil, pour in your pasta of choice and cook until it's as tender as you want and then drain

Step 3: Meat and sauce

Picture of meat and sauce
in a skillet or frying pan, brown your ground meat and remove any excess grease, while the ground meat is cooking chop up the pepperoni and salami, after removing excess grease add all 3 meats back to the pan and cook until all are heated through then add your sauce and any extra seasoning. Allow to simmer on low until the pasta is done
This is far too good looking! :)
l8nite (author)  Chikpeas Brother1 year ago
LOL, thanks, it's way too tasty as well
onemoroni11 year ago
This sounds delicious. I want to try it. Homemade pizza crust is such a pain.
l8nite (author)  onemoroni11 year ago
there are all kinds of ways to get pizza crust if one wants it bad enough but pasta is very easy and usually available,I think I named this after realizing the sauce and meat reminded me of what I get on pizza. as with all my food guides feel free to add or subtract ingredients to fit your own needs if you do make it
Miss Misery2 years ago
This reminds me of Mama Maria's Spaghetti Pizza.... but without the crust? Spaghetti pizza has been a party staple for me for years. I get requests all year round to make it. I shall have to do an instructable on this. But, I will have to try yours! Maybe it's better!
l8nite (author)  Miss Misery2 years ago
I make sketti pie or pasta pie from a lot of different pastas, usually as a way to use up left overs but I've never used a separate crust, I'd like to see that. Thank you for leaving a comment, please let me know if you do make a version
Ohhhh my lord. This makes me so sad to be lactose intolerant.

I used to make something like this when I was younger, it's so good.
Being Lactose intolerant doesn't stop you eating things! Might make you pass wind or something, but stop feeling that it is an obstacle!! Just get on with it and eat things that you want!
Oh, no, it's much worse than that. Try rashes, the worst abdominal cramping you have ever experienced, severe bloating and more stomach issues than I wish to list here. It's not worth the pain! Last time I drank a glass of milk (years and years ago... over a decade now) I threw up right after.

I wish it was just a little bit of gas. ;)
Jeezo! Doesn't sound pleasant at all! Sorry. There must be something in the world of today that would counteract those symptoms. Probably not though. The world probably doesn't see it as an issue that needs solving I guess! I hope you have a comfortable enough life though.

Good luck.

PS - you are very cute btw!
l8nite (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago
does that intolerance include buffalo milk? maybe using a quality imported buffalo mozz or a soy product would allow you to indulge but even without the cheese this is a tasty combo of meats and sauce
I have no idea about the buffalo - but I do have some soy cheese now that's pretty awesome. But it'll never be the same. I get so sad every time I walk past a cheese display in a store. :P
sergkungin2 years ago
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