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Introduction: Pc Case



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    Some cable management would have been a good idea behind the mobo. but that's a pretty awesome case.

    thiz cpu case is really really awesome.great work bro !!

    A very beautiful case, I have plans of my own wooden pc case made out of cedar. I plan on posting it as I build it so keep an eye out for it.

    Where did you get the motherboard board and the cages? Did you screw them to the wood?

    The case looks great. Love it

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    first i put the motherboard to an old case and then i screw it on wood case .. i think it is clear at the photos.. thank you.:))

    it dont even look like a pc. i love it

    you win the prize for modded pc case. quite unique. i love the asain look

    I think this case needs extra fans to cool the main board!!

    Excellent job !!

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    thank you ...it works 8 months  now with  regular  temp...

    The weather in Qatar is hot most of the time (+25 degree c) .. in your place it's colder for sure and that's why you don't need extra cooling !!

    Good luck :)

    awesome. i am so building this.

    right after i built the duct tape case...

     Really like the look, 4/5 stars

    This is how you can make a computer look good next to your TV


    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

    very nicely done, it looks great! 
    whats the wood like for sound dampening and heat dissipation?

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    hi i am glad you like it..
    my pc is more quiet now..wood adjust humidity..and two big fans  exhaust the heat...:))