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Introduction: Pc Power Supply on Ps3 Slim

About: the a b c approach is not for me .all feedback welcome. thanks for looking. if you would like some assistance or are interested in purchasing something don't be a stranger .

My PS3 has been down a while after i left it on the menu screen of a dvd overnight,then it wouldnt come back on,
as sony have been getting a bit smug (anti piracy,many terms and conditions, and the constant internet need)

i decided the last thing i was going to do was give them more money.(by buying an official replacement power unit)
i knew that pc power units work on the ps3 fat have been looking for advice on the slim version(to no avail),

it got to a point where i thought dammit im gonna make the leap of faith and make the connections to see if i will work.

,ps i went on a stag night just befor doing this so details are sketchy (dutch courage) if you kill your playstation you did it, anyway ,after successful power i read about the tendancy of the mother board to overheat so added a bunch of fans to the case.

tool list approximate . screwdrivers ph0 did most of it, there security screws to get into machine at the time i just used a slightly mashed flat-head driver,the machine holds together fine if the security screws are not put back(pic on next step)
a scavenged pc power supply
a soldering iron, (if your just doing power you could get away with terminal blocks, or even twisty wire and tape)
wire cutters strippers,
possibly a switch to turn power box on and off

for the fan stuff
some fans
dirty iron and plastic cutting things
nylock nuts and bolts, zip ties 4 holding fans in place
hot glue gun for securing stuff , (its non conductive and lasts for ages its great for making weak solderd bits strong)

optional fan control, switch or a potentiometer or thermostat , i used a temperature control kit, i think i should have gone for a pot insted but its done now.

decoration ,
fablon ,,
allegedly attractive sticky back plastic i used chrome colour
scalpel with new blade

Step 1: This Needs Replacing

+12v @ 16A
+5.5v @ 0.9A

considering the cost of the official one and the relative ease at which it broke , a diy solution seems the only sensible solution.

Step 2: Select Closest Value

+12v @ 14A
+5v @ 2A

this part cost me nothing, has similar power output, and is the basis of this home made power solution to the ps3 slim.

Step 3: Pin Selection

easyer to show on the power module as they have labeled the outputs for you. just solder your connections to the pins on mother board after checking what lines up with what.and cover your connections with heatshrink,

there is also 4 wires that connect the power supply to the motherboard. they have a plug at each end , unplug the end attached to the power supply and connect your wires to these wires , (much safer and easyer than connecting to the motherboard directly.
cut the needed wires from the plug and so on.

connect "acin_det" with "5vsv" they are both5v +

,"gnd" and "gnd" are - negative  ,

"acdc_stby" is not connected,

"12v" is 12v+

i tried a couple of things to get acdc_stby working or connected to something as something but there is only so far i prepared to guess, it works without it. i guess its an neg -5 volt thing to turn the power supply on and off.

Step 4: Bench Test

before cutting things i tested the set up with temporary connections.

Step 5: Extra Sucky Fan

ok so i got power , now i go all 'arts and crafts' .i also enlarged any vent hole to help the air through

Step 6: Connection. Thermostat Thing Is Not Very Good If Im Honest But at 12 Volt There a Bit Loud , 5v Is Quieter

in hindsight a tune to taste pot would have been better, or a variable speed curve to match temperature curve.

Step 7: Extra Exhaust Fans, Temp Sensor in Middle (green Wires)

Step 8: Wireing Diagram

ok so its been running all day and no problems, the maplin "temperature activated switch" kit is a bit either constantly on off, or on, or off, depending on how i put the trim pot.it is also avalable from middlesex university teaching recorces. the playstation model number is cech-2503b.

Step 9: Ameizera This Is for You :-)

the temperature switch is a kit, i will see if i can get an image of the tracks if you want to go full on diy or make a improved controller , heres how i attached it, how do i explain easyer to do a picture, also find pics of enlarged vents,made the holes with my dirty soldering iron then trimmed up with a knife, by accident the trim pot is accessable through the small fan



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    Hey! Please help. I understand nothing about any of this and im trying to do it, please walk me through the connections.. please!

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    oh my goodness, barely getting my head around it myself, i did it a long time ago. you just trying to get the power thing running.? if you post some pictures i can try to annotate for you, as some models of power supply may differ.

    in the diagram where it says "ov" what does that mean?

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    0v is the same as -(negative) side of where the power is coming from, most of the time thats a black wire,

    Hey could you please do a close up on the wiring you have done? As in from the four pin cable coming out of the mobo to the power supply?:) cheers! Have been trying for ages but can't work out which goes where!

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    ALSO .rember to keep an eye on what ampages your putting in. the 12v needs lots (16A) and the 5v needs few(0.9A). read the label on your power supplys, i dont want you to damage your console.

    I barely saw the motherboard during the process, I just latched on where the original sony power supply used to.

    I didn't want to subject the motherboard to ant unnecessary stress, Its probably a multilayer board and designed to fail if tampered with, Iike most sony stuff.

    The future is in your hands.

    IMG_1226 copy.jpg

    ok. i will try that. thanks. i find it strange as well that the bluetooth doesnt work altho i updated my ps3 to the latest version 4.31 im not sure if that caused the problem or something else. but i will get to the bottom of it. so far everything else works well games with no crashes altho my ps3 makes a humming noise throught the sound while anything is displayed on screen im not sure why, if the screen goes black during a game the interference stops.

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    r u using a crt telly, i had one that did that when it was getting old,
    lcd tend not to , dont know about plasma.
    ps3 model number? may have tiny differences in electrics ,mine cech-2503b.
    pc power supply old/ ok. use a process of elimination. let us know how you get along.

    i tried you method with my powersupply and all works well but i noticed now that the bluetooth doesnt work, and i have to plug in the controller to use it. is ths because the acdc standby has been left out?

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    how odd! my controller works ok, i may have tried it with power to that pin but as it ended up with no connection i guess it didnt work,it was a while ago and i didnt document the experimentation. what volts and ampages are you using where? i guess it cant be too far off as your system basically works, but no bluetooth bets thats irritating.does the blue tooth work when controller very close to machine ,it may be some antenna problem, theres 2 wires that connect to bits of metal at front of machine, i know that some of that does the wifi maybe it does bluetooth aswell? if it makes you feel better my ps3 doesnt turn the tv on via hdmi cable. befor doing anything drastic try somebody elses controller to see it that is the problem.

    on a pc power supply you may notice that many of the wires that go to the plug are the same colour this means that the wires are connected inside the power supply making them effectively exactly the same,please check the label on the side of YOUR power supply as different manufacturers may have a different colour code,as for the pin numbers on the pc power supply im sure theres a wealth of variation on the configuration step 2,
    the playstation power supply pin numbers are there next to the white connector 1 to 4 these connect to the motherboard by a white plug step3 i left the plug attached to the motherboard step4 and solderd to the wires this saved me the trouble of applying heat to the motherboard and the removal of the metal shielding theres probably numbers under there but the nice white plug and wires provided the nessasary connections.use the defective power box from the ps3 as your guide. there are also 2 more connections without numbers(or the numbers are on the other side of the board)both these connections are housed in a black plastic box on the ps3 power supply they connect to 2 pieces of metal that stick up from the motherboard of the ps3, i think there was a piece of plastic at their base which i attempted to remove with minimal force but in the end i just solderd to the long bits that stuck up and put some heatshrink over to make them safe.use the defective power box from the ps3 as your guide
    on the playstation pin (4) acin_det and pin (1)5vsv connect to the purple wire 5volt at 2A from the computer power thing,
    pin (2) gnd connects to a black wire
    theres 2 metal contacts that stick up from the motherboard ones + and ones - dont mix them up, use the defective power box from the ps3 as your guide
    on the playstation psu the 12v connector black plastic bit(not numbed ) goes to a sticky up bit of metal this connects to a black and yellow wire 12volt at 14A
    also in the black bit theres a gnd the corrosponding sticky up bit of metal this connects to a black wire,

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    i did think about reappropiating a dewalt tool box to case it all in but the power supply too big and the ribbons holding all the bits together are a bit short, and i had a hangover.not much access to 3d printer but iv seen some nice clear cases on ebay, it just so happend i had the foil fablon to hand and it was just about the right size.

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    just use plexiglass for housing it and some lm35 to monitor the temperature. for the fans, you can use the quite version. thermal take or cooler master had it in their product. or, if you need to cool it fast, use this fan: Dell P/N T5994
    Dc 12v 2.50 A

    hope that can help ^^

    kept the stock case to avoid messin with that fragile machine, recased a snes a while ago cos the case was shatters into hundreds of pieces tuff bit of hardware inside, cool tips withe the fan and thing:-), im trying to use up my spair parts, allmost stuck my muji thermometer clock in the mix

    you can use this link as temperature inspired project. hope that can help ^^

    have you noticed that cats like sitting on laptops

    incidently its actually 2am., i did a 24hour b spec indurance gran turisom . no action in the switch will try different placement prob higher in case. thasnks znine i still have a saga saturn with similar issues i havent addressed yet