Picture of peanut butter bird feeder
This is a neat little project that someone can do in no time, it's excellent for kids and the birds will love you for it. Since the snow is here I thought why not give something to the birds that forgot to fly south!!

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of ingredients
this is a rather simple project, all you need is:

~ peanut butter
~ a paper towel roll
~ bird seed
~ string

you'll also need a butter knife,plate,and scissors. Just the simple tools to help  you on the way!

koroliov2 years ago
IMPORTANT: Make sure you use UNSALTED peanut butter! (Do I see a regular NoName salted one here?) Birds don't drink as we do, and, unless they are oceanic birds like seagulls, they don't have those excretory mechanisms to get rid of salt from their bodies, so salt causes dehydration in birds and quickly kills them. In other words, if you feed birds with salted peanut butter, instead of doing a favour, you may be plainly killing them! Look, e.g. here.
hjjusa koroliov2 years ago
Salted peanut butter will kill birds? i'll have to get some salted peanut butter and salt it more, we have a problem with Eurasian pigeons around here. Animal control comes around and shoots them every so often but they've been robbing my dog food and I need to get rid of some more.
koroliov hjjusa2 years ago
No, no, don't be that cruel to birds. Dying in the cold of permanent thirst and gradual dehydration is not not something that can be justified by any dog food lost. Even shooting them at once seems to be more humane (or birdane?), at least to me. If absolutely needs be done, find some other, more humane, way of keeping them off.
lemonie5 years ago
Good. - What do you call your kitty?

whiskey_14 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
he's a dude that goes by many names, I think it's an identity crisis of some sort?  Right now he's going by the name goober, but he also likes to called brad, stubbs, thud, lead belly and every once in a while he likes the occasional Danny Bonaduce (it must be the ginger in him!).
Mmm. I refuse to name cats, I call them all "kitty".