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Introduction: Pedal Powered Air Compressor

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replace the electric motor of an air compressor with modified bicycle drivetrain. pedal. keep pedalling...

Step 1: Get Rid of the Motor.

Step 2:

use the existing motor mount to install an axle with one fixed cog and a belt pulley. You'll need bearings. try a 1/2" axle with radial ball bearing cartridges. make the bearing housing out of a slotted tube that has a drilled out nut and a regular nut to allow a bolt to tighten the tube around the bearing. (should i include more desciption?)

Step 3: Weld on the Rear Triangle of a Bicycle, to Allow the Use of the Dropouts and Bottom Bracket. Horizontal Dropouts Are Best.

Step 4: Attach a Heavy Flywheel to the Compressor to Smooth Out the Resistance.

Step 5: Make Handlebars, Rig Up a Chair, Add Gears If You Want, and Go for It.

Step 6: Toe Clips Really Help.

Step 7: This One Takes 15 Minutes or So to Reach 50 Psi, and I Think It's a 30 Gallon Tank.



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    Which one?
    I do not see a picture.

    You really should have pictures.
    You know,,,
    A picture is Worth a Thousand Words !!!

     some pictures would really help

    I want to pump air down a bore hole [FERI Pump] so I don't need the receiver tank, just a steady stream of air to lift water into a above ground tank for distribution thru a reticulation system.


    Great idea for doing small stuff like running an air brush or similar in remote locations..... Could take a long time to say pump enough air to fill a set of truck tyres on a Dubbile BEE.

    I imagine you could use the compressed air for a variety of remote applications. Thanks for the photos!

    How long does it take to fill a 4 gallon tank? Have you tried it?

    I think this is awesome. I always feel like just pedaling an exercise bike isn't enough. I should be putting that energy to a useful purpose, besides just burning the holiday calories off. I always thought an exercise bike should be hooked up to a generator or a pump and geared so that the exertion level is the same, and yet some of the energy is converted from biochemical to rotational to electrical or something so it's not wasted. With America's weight/heart disease problem, maybe these should be sold nation wide. Thanks man, for a great idea.

    what's the maximum pressure you have reached with this? does it get hard to pedal?

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    i think we reached 40psi at a demonstration where a lot of people were hopping on for a short but enthusiastic pedal session. Because there are gears, the rider can shift when it gets harder.

    I won't say that this wouldn't work, but it'd be terribly beyond the average human to be able to piower such a compressor to near it's capabilities. The compressor shown requires at least 2HP, which would take no less than 3 very-physicallyt-fit humans to power to capacity. It's a novel idea for when armageddon comes and we are living in the world of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, , but simply not feasable as far as I can see.

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    HP is irrelevant. The bike has gears to compensate for that. If I remember, the motor was only 1 HP. it takes too long to fill the tank. a 1 gallon tank would be nice for bike tires, but anything else is obnoxious.

    concerning your peddle powered device. Does the flywheel need to get up to speed first or is the whole thing integrated.

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    it's direct drive. it's not hard to pedal, it just takes a long time.

    It requires 2-5 HP to put out it's rated CFM at it's rated PSI. That doesn't mean it cannot reach said PSI with less power, instead it just takes longer. If i cap off the output on a spare compressor head i've got lying arou, and spin it once or twice (takes a lot of effort), it hits ~90 psi.nd

    Just because it originally had a two horsepower motor doesn't mean that it requires that power input. A slower approach like this is a great idea. Power doesn't conserve, only energy and mass conserve (power just corrupts :-)

    Shouldn't the tank be coconuts, and the frame be made from bamboo? C'mon professor, your slipping.

    Rad! Got any more pictures?