Does it seem to you no matter how you cut a potato you can never get much from it? what if i told you only one or two potatoes can give you enough chips to serve 4-6 people ( as a side-dish)......
using a utensil you almost ALWAYS use in potato preparation!!!

sorry about the quality of the photos...my camera fell off a bench during another 'ible and i have to use my sisters camera
(thanks to my sister, CrazyBassFisherwoman, who helped with the photos!)

Step 1: You Will Need

Two large potatoes
vegetable or canola oil (for deep frying)
seasoning of your choice

you will also need

small saucepan
a colander
a vegetable peeler
a serving dish lined with napkins
I don't own a mandolin and it never occurred to me I could use a regular veggie peeler. <br> <br>I'm going to use this method for a new potato chip recipe (experiment) I've been wanting to play with. <br> <br>Thanks for the inspiration!
If you play guitar, you could probably use the E and A strings. Just remember to clean out the sound hole with a damp cloth, as most guitars are not dishwasher safe.
lol :-D
Hey Bajablue! <br>oh cool, i love your instructables, glad i could inspire you :D
Hi AAG : <br>My wife is a certified Natural Health Care Practicioner, in her 5th year of Quantum Reflex Analysis ( the tutors fly out from Texas once a year ) <br>FIY : canola oil is THE cheapest vegetable oil available, in nearly all processed foods, etc. It clogs the arteries, and should NOT be consumed !!! <br>Cheers, <br>Dennis
ok thanks for mentioning that, Dennis <br>i'll keep it in mind :)

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