Introduction: Pen Art

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pencils, they are boring and keep you ticking about school and work.
make them nice, grap your paint and some tape and lets go an start with
painting your pen !

Step 1: Make the Pen Ready.

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make groves in it so the paint stays on his plays
and tape on the lines were you don't want black paint.

Step 2: Painting

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i used black paint but you can also use brown or Grey.

Step 3: The Missed Spots

Picture of The Missed Spots

o noes! not all the tape is get the black paint out side!
make is good with some white paint.

Step 4: All Done

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you have painted the pen very well, non of the boring pencils can survive this one!!!


the_best! (author)2009-08-19

this is ugly, 0.5/5

microman171 (author)2009-05-08


59672 (author)microman1712009-05-08

I noticed that you used games workshop paint

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