Introduction: Pen Cannon

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This is a fun and very easy pen cannon
this shoots pretty far and is very cheap.
this is also dangerous so sadly i have to
do a warning other than that have fun!

WARNING this is a very dangerous thing so
dont point at other people
animals or ur self point it at ur eye
your going to be blind so be carefull.
i am not responsible for you actions.

Step 1: Matarials

Picture of Matarials

what you need:

party poppers 1.00 a bag

cheapo pen 50 cents

scotch tape 2.00 a roll

plastic bbs random price depends how many u get.


small siccors random price

Step 2: Dismantling the Pen

Picture of Dismantling the Pen

take the pen apart and thow away
the cap the ink

( see picture for more details )

Step 3: Dismantling the Popper

Picture of Dismantling the Popper

take apart the party popper(s)
and all you need is the pull firecracker.

if you are carefull takeing off the lid you well
get what i call "sushis" i dont know why
call them that just came to my mind when i saw them

look at picture to see "sushis"

Step 4: Makeing the Cannon

Picture of Makeing the Cannon

to make the cannon take the pen and
the pull firecracker.
take off the front of the pen
next thread the string through
the front of the pen.

then put the cap on.

Step 5: The Payload

Picture of The Payload

take one of you bbs and drop it
in the pen then take scotch tape
and put a little peice and put it
over the backside of the pen

DO NOT use any other tape than this otherwise
if you do, do not fold it down.


cheezydog100 (author)2008-02-24

my parents won't let me dang

Holden_vy_s (author)cheezydog1002008-08-30

You're not supposed to ask your parents

John T14 (author)Holden_vy_s2017-08-18

don't tell the kid that

im 12 live in austraila with reallllllllly strict parents and they let me do it

blugyblug (author)cheezydog1002008-11-24

Your parent wont let you make a little pen cannon? Are you serious? Poor you...

Sorry, dude

The_Kangsta (author)2007-09-08

can you use bic pens and where do you buy the poppers?

from any where $1 shops delies any where

yes use bic pens and you buy poppers at walmart publix target anywhere there in party section

rhys25690811234 (author)2013-04-25

that copy called codi01 or wat eva his name is copied u and I made one these in 2001!

jcksparr0w (author)2012-02-27

You know this is in a book already called "Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction" and its called an "Airsoft Pen Popper".

jaylan77 (author)2011-11-09

i cant wait to take on to school blake is so dead!!!

ramicaza (author)2011-10-29

lol its not that dangerous chill. I did this a few years ago but wrapped the wannabe breech in tape... Before I wrapped it in the tape It exploded in my hand but it only made a few small cuts. That was with a fire cracker! this is a mere party popper.

dosRedLight (author)2011-07-04

really cool

ilpug (author)2011-03-19

THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!!! do not hold this in your hand when firing. i fired mine (thankfully in a testing box) and it exploded, sending shards everywhere. i used the exact same methods as you.

Outfielder1896 (author)2009-01-26

You can buy everything you need at the dollar store or part city( only $10 for 500 in north carolina and im pretty sure south carolina.) except for bb's, but u can use spitballs, erasers, or anything really

finnster (author)2008-05-13

a papermate eagle M is much easier to take apart

Big Bubba (author)finnster2008-08-23

wanna make one finn?

finnster (author)Big Bubba2008-12-28

I tried, the pen was to big, I'll try again next time I get "PPs"

blugyblug (author)2008-11-24

Is this only one shot? Then you have to load in another popper thing and then shoot again? Because you said " load the string in" What about the explosive bit?

cheezydog100 (author)2008-09-27

i didn't ask for permission i needed a driver to brng me to the store for the popper thing

cheeseboy (author)cheezydog1002008-11-04

c'mon find an excuse to go, and buy it then, follow my motto

when honesty fails

btw Cheese rocks =)

Kryptonite (author)2008-03-07

holy ****!!!

i just made 1 and the end of the pen gun u stick the end back in back fired and hit my finger, leaving a round, bleading mark. not to mention the bang!!!
it made when it off, im lucky my parents didnt hear that or i wuda been in serious trouble, considering i just sliced my fingers open with a knife cutting the rubber out of a pencil for a bullet.

im not sure what happened to the rubber, but my finger hurts like hell!

nice instructable, even though the idea is hell dangerous. trust me, the explosives in a party popper can really wreck ur evening

Kryptonite (author)Kryptonite2008-03-07

for every1 that's gonna try this, dont put anything directly behind it as it goes off, cuz the end of the pen cud probly go through a line of coke cans and come out the other side fast enough to kill. no, serious.

stuffman366 (author)Kryptonite2008-05-23

He is serious so tape the end on

codz30 (author)2008-04-30

No, you copied mine.
You made yours " Aug 28, 2007"
I made mine "Jun 1, 2007"
June comes before August, i win!-Simple-and-Cheap!/

tac135 (author)2008-04-12

I made one of these once, except i used a small firecracker instead, and i used an eraser off the end of a pencil as ammo, it made a VERY loud bang, and the eraser shot out of my backyard.

X_D_3_M_1 (author)2007-11-02

this is FREAKIN LOUD! I was deaf for 5 min. its shot a SPITBALL and DENTED A CAN O COKE!

nkk07 (author)X_D_3_M_12008-02-02

mine shoots throughthe can.

nkk07 (author)2008-02-02

i made this in about 5 seconds without tape or your instructable. p.s. i am angry bcause i would have posted mine and it would have been great but of course you had to post your rubbish one mine uses a mechanical pencil posting the pictures of the carnage soon!

sputnik3373 (author)2007-11-05

i made one of these with 4 barrels and a handle. instead of taping over the end, get a pen where the bb gets stuck loosely about halfway down, then use a lollypop stick or something as a ramrod. you could also load 3 bullets at once for a shotgun(ish) effect. oh yea, dont push the bb too tight or the pen explodes... and it hurts lol.

getadicted93 (author)2007-10-23

i made one and it was loud and smokey and my mom got really mad, it was great. hahahaha, but try using pull string firewrorks, they are cheaper and you can put 3-4 in

The_Kangsta (author)2007-09-08

u should make a video for it

judelizowski (author)2007-09-03

Great instructable! i made one of these and i shot the bb thru a soda can!!!

wow!.... lol see if it can dent a frying pan...

casvandegoor (author)2007-09-02

Is this instructable on base of mine?

funwithfire325 (author)2007-08-30

so the bb dosent go out

why dont you want the bb to come out

it gose out the tape keeps it so when its upsidedown it dosent go out (:

o i get it


Pat Sowers (author)2007-08-30

I did this with a cheep pen that I filled it with gun powder and air soft pellets. I melted the two ends shut but left a small hole to put a fuse in. it made a cool air soft grenade.

funwithfire325 (author)2007-08-30

there bb gose out the end with the tape if... you put it on not to tight

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