Picture of pen crochet cover
this is a really easy way to mark your pen/pencil as we are going back to school it really don't take much time doing it only few minutes and it wold make a really great gift for your friends ^__^ 
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Step 1: Materials needed

Picture of materials needed
you'll need some materials that I'm sure you'll find them beside you or in your room...
1.a small crochet needle i used 1.25mm.
 2. soft yarn i used 2 colors in this project..
 3.your pen or pencil.
4.a Scissorsز

Step 2: Start crocheting

Picture of start crocheting
P8150010.JPG'll make 3 chain put them to gather and form a circle.'ll make 6 sc inside the circle.'ll continue tell you reach a point where you'll have a small cup shape.
 4.then you'll put the cup shape on the pen and start crocheting on the pen it self as a mold.
5.keep going until you think that  you got the right tall.

Step 3: Adding color2

Picture of adding color2
1.when you get the tall you want from color1 it will be time for color2.
2.all what you need is just to simply cut color1 and attach color2 to it by knotting it.
 then all what you will do is to continue until you get the full tall you want then simply cut the end of the yan and knot it needle it inside the other stitch so it won't seem bad.

Step 4: Optional

Picture of optional
after I'm done with it i thought that it wasn't really colorful as i wanted to be so i just added some more elements to it. 
  i saw a hot pink ribbon and some beads next to me so i thought why not using them.
i passed the ribbon Through the last row and put the beads at the end of it .
Great Job and awesome instructables!
shadon (author)  Applejuice114 years ago
thank you so much ^__^