ok today im gonna show you the basics marketing techniques and other things about pen guns im not gonna say that this is my first 'ible because the n people criticize it although this is my first instructable so lets get started. please comment

Step 1: Bow and Arrow

www.instructables.com/id/Bic-pen--bow-%26-arrow/ah, the classic bow and arrow i have links to a good bow n arrow that dosnt use tape.if you make the tape kind and pull the rubberband hard enough youll know what i mean.

Step 2: Balloon Powered Guns

ok i think that balloon powered guns are stupid because they break easy and are a pain in the ass to repair but if you like them thats ok with me. im not providing a link because i dont want you to waste your time but if you want me to post a comment and as soon as i get ten requests ill post a link.

Step 3: Classic Pen Gun

ok this a classic tube band gun that anyone can make no link because like the rest im gonna show after this its in a collection that the link will be posted in a special step.

Step 4: Mechanical Pencil Bb Gun

this is a sideshow gun mainly used for single shot sniping although its not a good sniper i will update with snipers and other guns later.also it started all of this i still hate it cause its not accurate and the slide came out and hit me in the face.

Step 5: EPG

this is not a type of gun but a favorite because it has a lock  to prevent misfires(although they can still happen) and it also acts as a pen. shoots mostly bbs but can fire other things no pen ink.

Step 6: Ultimate Gun

ok this is not a type either but its sorta a type this is a semi auto bb gun wit hthe following mods, swapable mags,trigger system(bbs dont fall out when pointed upside down) and mag cap

Step 7: Conclusion

ok so heres the link to the collection of guns most i will post and some i will post are NOT here

<p>So what are you trying to say</p>
You should add some of the pen crossbows.<br>

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