Pen Gun That Shoots As You Click





Introduction: Pen Gun That Shoots As You Click

About: cheap and easy tricks

old school bullys how to get away with your secrate pen gun use it to bang him and run and wath you need is a pilot g2 and bb balls thats it can be done from other pens too

Step 1: Open

open it up and take all parts out

Step 2: Putting Together

take the thing you click then spring then the thing hat comes after it in the manner like the photo press it till you hear an orgasmic click

Step 3: Save Yourself

after its done load a bb ball aim and press the only problem is that the spring will also fly wait for my next instructable and ill make a better one

whatever its not that easy plz dont point it on a human or animal it hurts if u wanna see how shoot once at your arm and its so painfull

best of luck




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    Very clever, but probably not advisable to take to school. Just a thought! :)

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    yes it can hurt but it is all on what we are using as ammo it can also be a peice of rubber