Picture of pen out of ink put a laser in it
My favorite pen broke and I tend to think out of the box so,it now wrights with light.

First i have a back ground in lasers so i will dispense some wisdom that is not conventional, it comes from me actually questioning my laser professor in college.

i will show you how to turn a your favorite pen into a burning laser using recycled parts.

i an not the best at spelling so if you want to leave a comment i will try to fix it in a speedy manor.
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Step 1: Gather materials

1.your favorite pen

2.a broken mechanical pencile

3.1 watt fiber coupled diode laser, go to ebay they are second hand from the computer industry that's the equivalent to 500 small laser pointers

4.scrap wood and dowels for case, wood an excellent static shield

5.old computer hear sink and thermal gees

6. some wire

7.1 resister use omes law and spec sheet to figure it out mine is 0.39 ohm 2W resister. your diode might need a different size do not use variable resisters ever. ill expane why latter.

8. 8 small screws

9.1 bolt end cap

10. aa battery holder for 2 batteries

11. finally one big red button that screams push me
lemonie6 years ago
This doesn't show very well, I can't see the laser assembly - you got any more images? L
Lftndbt lemonie6 years ago
Should I start the chant? Disassemble, disassemble, disassemble!!!! Yay!!!! ;-)
GameNox Lftndbt4 years ago
Disassemble, Disassemble, Disassemble, Disassemble, Disassemble, Disassemble, Disassemble, Disassemble!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! 8D
jeff-o6 years ago
Might want to fix your spelling on that second item: "a broken mechanical penile" Ouch! ;)
Mine is neither broken nor mechanical... although I'm not necessarily against the idea of a mechanical penile.
PKM JakeTobak6 years ago
Steampunk: romance meets technology? :P
PATSY001 jeff-o6 years ago
You might actually want to fix the ALL of the spelling in the whole Instructable. I have a hard time believing that a college student could spell so many words wrong in one place. Try using the Firefox browser. It will underline all of your spelling mistakes in red. then you can make the appropriate corrections.