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Introduction: Pen Rifle

want to shoot something? Then this is the thing to do. I will show you how to make a pen rifle, which makes a pen gun look like Britany Spears.

Step 1: Things You Need

for this instucable you will need a rubber band,a pen with a removable cap,and some tape, duck tape is the best thing but any type will do.

Step 2: Disassembling the Pen

I would hope you already know how to do this but for those who don't it is a very easy thing to do. take off the front tip and the back round cap.NOTE:save the ink tube this will be your ammo.

Step 3: Building It

tape the rubber band to the front you are done

Step 4: Load and Lock

place ink tube in pen as shown below make shore the ink tube is latched on to the rubber band, pull back and then FIRE.



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    love it mine is very powerful!!!!??. I used a pencil grip over tape so it would hold better


    I made this following your instructions, and my closet door now has several dents. This is epic.

    it no rifle it spear gun eitherway its nice und ich like it but Ich still think kill britney spears beffore she lay eggs

    LOLZ britny spears is ugly but the gun is powerful

    thanks, I tested it and it poked into my couch!!! that was awesome!

    actually now its duct even though it was called duck tape originally in WWII 70 years ago

     It looks nice But im not going to make it ( MY PENS NEED TO BE SAVED )

    2 things 1 its not a rifle 2 this instructable has been made many times

    1 reply

    2 things 1 don't care 2 you shouldn't be talking you haven't even made an Instructable