Picture of pen sniper rifle
This is my greatest invention yet.Its a pen gun version of a sniper rifle. It shoots very very far up to 45 ft. and is able to pierce shoe boxes very deep. I first made this when i was at my cousin's house as a prototype while we were testing out various pen guns with his friend. I have some blueprints that I'll post later on with this instructable.

Step 1: Choosing the materials

Picture of choosing the materials
To make this pen gun you will need a "pentel wow" click pen(or anything similar), a crayola twistables tube, the end of a click pen(green) or something similar, black peg with nail in it, a thin transparent pen tube, a fat pen tube, 4 rubber bands(3 thick and 1 thin), a paper clip, and duct tape.
minijc3 years ago
add a video. try to make a fully auto uzi or simalar that would be realy cool
i 2 agree
Neat weapon but make the pics clearer and also my gun only went 39 ft but there were heaps of modifications on mine os yours is probably a fair bit better with it's parts and tape
BADWOLF15 years ago
ok, the gun sounds cool but you need waaaaaaaaaaaay better pics.
I agree.  The pics are okay, but you can't make out any details- only vauge shapes.
kaze5005 years ago
 i would make this gun, but u need better pics and diagrams