Step 7: The Stock

As every sniper rifle, this one also has a stock.To make the stock tale the paper clip and bend it 90 degrees.You can straighten the clip with pliers first(optional).then bend it 60 degrees.It has to look like a triangular stock..
add a video. try to make a fully auto uzi or simalar that would be realy cool
i 2 agree
Neat weapon but make the pics clearer and also my gun only went 39 ft but there were heaps of modifications on mine os yours is probably a fair bit better with it's parts and tape<br>
ok, the gun sounds cool but you need waaaaaaaaaaaay better pics.
I agree.&nbsp; The pics are okay, but you can't make out any details- only vauge shapes.
&nbsp;i would make this gun, but u need better pics and diagrams<br /> <br />

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