Step 9: Finish

when youi're done simply cock the rubber bands back and attach them to the nail.Then simply pull the trigger and watch it shoot.This is a weapon not a toy so don't let little kids play with the as it is extremely powerful and they can hurt themselves.Please note that im not responsible for any injuries or deaths.You can use a medium or large sized mauler for the bipod(optional).
add a video. try to make a fully auto uzi or simalar that would be realy cool
i 2 agree
Neat weapon but make the pics clearer and also my gun only went 39 ft but there were heaps of modifications on mine os yours is probably a fair bit better with it's parts and tape<br>
ok, the gun sounds cool but you need waaaaaaaaaaaay better pics.
I agree.&nbsp; The pics are okay, but you can't make out any details- only vauge shapes.
&nbsp;i would make this gun, but u need better pics and diagrams<br /> <br />

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