An easily made pencil crossbow designed to shoot small "arrows".

Step 1: Getting the Parts

what you need for this instructable is:

1 6-8 inch pencil
1 4-6 inch pencil
1 clothes pin
1 bic pen(clear)
small paintbrush

P.S. this is my first instructable so don't blame me if its bad
P.S.S. Feel free to make any variations of this and post them yourself. Its sort of a model for you to work off of.

Step 2: Starting Out

Take the big pencil and the bic pen.
Saw an inch off each end of the bic pen so its about 3 inches long.Make sure you take out the insides first.Take the cut bic pen and ductape it parallel to the pencil with about an inch hanging off the end.This will be your barrel.

Step 3: Step 3

Take the small pencil and put it under the bic pen and on the end of the big pencil.

Step 4: Step 4

Attach the clothes pin to the big pencil with ductape as shown in the picture below.then cut the rubber band so it like a string and tie it to the arms of the crossbow.

Step 5: Shooting and Loading

to load this crossbow pull the rubber band back and put it in the clothes pin.then put the "arrow" down the barrel all the way to the clothes pin.to shoot press the clothe spin down.
pps not pss
very nice
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Decent instructable! Nice for a first! Please add clearer pictures, and a little more instruction. -RA
thanks and no problem i couldnt find the better camera
whats the arrow supposed to be?
it is the little long pen part that draws i make lots of bows and use them
its supposed to be half of a paint brush
try multiple rubber bands they hold it better
good idea
how does it work?????????
srry if its bad this is my first instrucatable.

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