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Introduction: Pencil Shooter

About: i like sitting at home playing my guitar one of my hobbies is to make guns out of anything and everything.

a simple gun made from two texters 1 elastic band and some sticky tape

ammo: pencils

Step 1: Equipment

here is what you will need:
1X rubber band
1X roll of sticky tape(you will only need about 60cm of it)
2X texters

Step 2: Hollowing Out the Barrel

first take one of your texters, it doesnt matter which one
and take out its contents you then need to do one more thing
in the next step to make it a proper barrel

Step 3: Making the "barrel" a Barrel

you will need to cut where the line is, possibly a little further up, that was your projectile(a pencil) can fly through!

Step 4: Making Gun

then get your other texter and tape it to the barrel like this:

once you have done this get your elastic band(must be a thick one) and put it on like so:

Step 5: Shooting

to shoot just get a pencil insert it in the barrel an pull it and the elastic band back, aim fire(realease the elastic and and pencil)

there u have it its fun to shoot at wasps with one!!!!

if u think u missed a step just look at the pics here



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    u guys don't get that? pencils look like stalagmites because people throw them into the roof and they stay jabbed in the roof

    "explains why those "pencils" look like stalagmites" ? wierd

    i c lol

    i am 13 wtf do u mean by "explains why those "pencils" look like stalagmites"

    explains why those "pencils" look like stalagmites