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a simple gun made from two texters 1 elastic band and some sticky tape

ammo: pencils

Step 1: Equipment

Picture of equipment
here is what you will need:
1X rubber band
1X roll of sticky tape(you will only need about 60cm of it)
2X texters
TheMattster6 years ago
u guys don't get that? pencils look like stalagmites because people throw them into the roof and they stay jabbed in the roof
pooboy8 years ago
"explains why those "pencils" look like stalagmites" ? wierd
FROOZ (author) 8 years ago
i c lol
pictures are too dark...
FROOZ (author) 8 years ago
i am 13 wtf do u mean by "explains why those "pencils" look like stalagmites"
postapoc8 years ago
do you live in a cave?
explains why those "pencils" look like stalagmites