a simple gun made from two texters 1 elastic band and some sticky tape

ammo: pencils

Step 1: Equipment

here is what you will need:
1X rubber band
1X roll of sticky tape(you will only need about 60cm of it)
2X texters
u guys don't get that? pencils look like stalagmites because people throw them into the roof and they stay jabbed in the roof
"explains why those "pencils" look like stalagmites" ? wierd
i c lol
pictures are too dark...
i am 13 wtf do u mean by "explains why those "pencils" look like stalagmites"
do you live in a cave?
explains why those "pencils" look like stalagmites

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Bio: i like sitting at home playing my guitar one of my hobbies is to make guns out of anything and everything.
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