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probably... no ... it is the worlds easiest pen gun ever invented! made with 2 rubber bands and a papermate flexigrip ultra pen! please note that this pen gun is far too good to ignore! and yet is just a pull and fire.
(i higly recommend that you do not shoot any1 in the face!)
have someone you hate? well payback's a bitch!
(please remember that this is my first instructble soo be nice)

Step 1: Building the Pen

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now take off both lid and bottom as shown in pic, the rest is not required yet.

Step 2: 2nd

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loop the rubber band into the lid (well the clip anyway)see pic:

Step 3: 3rd

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now push the other end of the rubber band through the top of the lid (the hole) and insert the buttom part into the lid.

Step 4: 4th

Picture of 4th

now push the lid (and back thingie) onto the pen with the rubber band hanging out side and pull the rubber band to the other end of the pen and fasten it there by using the second rubber band. and your finished!!


robertjames (author)2011-10-10

dose it have to be a seten tipe of pen

chilll2009 (author)2009-03-17

GO fork me3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fork me3 (author)chilll20092009-03-18

lol thanks man for all your support :) i appreciate hearing peoples opinions

chilll2009 (author)2009-03-17

Don't feel down about it. This is truly AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

chilll2009 (author)2009-03-17

I made this ... TOTALLY EASY AND AWESOME! but, then i lost it ):

Hold_out (author)2008-12-06

'Twas alright but.... there are only so many ways you can re-invent a pen gun. No offense ,but this seems to be a 3 peice gun with a fancy pen. Written pretty well but the pictures could be less blurry. Congrats on your first instrucable.

tybomb (author)2008-06-15

this is the gayest thing i evr saw

fork me3 (author)tybomb2008-06-16

y thankyou and i believe your quite correct your reflection in the mirror is very hideous.

ray888j (author)2008-01-05

No offense,What kind of $%$% is this i can make a better one this sucks!

fork me3 (author)ray888j2008-01-28

dude STFU this was my first in structable and i have just brought out a new 1 for making a mini bow and arrow which will prove u wrong!! if u dont believe me make 1 and find out link

canida (author)2007-05-16

Thanks for the fix.

fork me3 (author)canida2007-05-22

no prob XD

os3dedeye (author)2007-05-18

how do u fire it

fork me3 (author)os3dedeye2007-05-22

u just pull the lid back and let go.

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