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print out "benjulik1.pdo" file with pepakura designer


LindseyO3 (author)2016-03-22

Hi Papashage,

Do you have this template as a pdf? Papakura doesn't operate on my Macbook.


MarcoGhelfino made it! (author)LindseyO32017-11-06

Here you go!

MarcoGhelfino (author)LindseyO32017-11-06

Here you go!

MarcoGhelfino (author)LindseyO32017-11-06

Here you go!

papashage (author)LindseyO32016-05-17

Sorry, I have lost all my data from PC.

MarcoGhelfino (author)2017-11-06

Here you go!

RebeccaA17 (author)2016-05-17

What finish did you put over the card? I had trouble finding something that didn't saturate the card and warp the structure.

papashage (author)RebeccaA172016-05-17

Just black spray paint

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