I'm from the city that started the whole 100-mile diet craze. I already do my part eating locally, but I can't survive on root vegetables and berries alone. I need the thrill of the hunt -  I need more!

As a city dweller my options to hunt for meat are limited to the indigenous fauna, in my neighbourhood it's mainly racoon and seagulls - both feed on garbage and probably taste terrible. What's an urbanite with no gun license going to do if he wants to be sustainable while striking a balance between the 100-Mile Diet and my love of shooting what I eat?
You make a gun, a gun that shoots pepper, and you blast away every sorry steak that crosses your dinner plate.

Behold, the pepper grinder gun!

This toy has an electric pepper grinder at the end of the barrel, fashioned to look like a silencer. The gun trigger operates the pepper grinder when pulled, and there's a switch near where the safety switch would be that toggles the operation of the light, sounds, and vibration of the toy gun.

Ready to dispense delicious peppery justice all over your food? Let's make!

  • electric pepper grinder
  • electric toy gun (mine was $3)     
  • new SPDT switch
  • multi-core thin gauge wire
  • heat-shrink tubing
  • paperclip
  • plastic funnel
  • wood dowel (I used a wooden spoon)
  • black construction paper
  • rotary tool
  • soldering iron
  • wire snips
  • needle-nose pliers
  • hot glue gun
  • sharp hobby knife
  • sandpaper
  • straight egde

Check out the first prototype pepper grinder gun.

Obviously, this pepper grinder is a novelty and should not be taken outside the home.

Passo 1: dismantle

This electric pepper grinder was bought from Deal Extreme. The top half of the outer housing easily unscrews to allow for battery replacement. Once the top housing is removed, the battery housing and grinder motor are exposed. The lower pepper hopper can also be unscrewed.

The battery holder is wired to the grinder motor, and is connected by two small clips. Pressing these clips allows the grinder motor and batter housing to be separated. Using a soldering iron, the leads from the grinder motor were desoldered.
The battery housing was flipped over, there are two copper leads that form the switch of the original pepper grinder. Since we are going to be using a different switch type in another location, these leads can be connected by soldering them together.

The battery pack should now just be a bank of 4 AA batteries with 2 leads and no switch. We'll set the pepper grinder aside for now, and come back when we've modified the toy gun.
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