Step 6: Grinder Support

The pepper grinder I used wasn't heavy, but required support so that the toy could be wielded without the grinder end flying off. A wooden kitchen spoon was the perfect shape - a slender body that fit snugly into the existing barrel of the toy gun and a flanged end to allow for an opening to be made and the pepper grinder inserted, ensuring stability. I added a black funnel so there would be a gradual transition between the grinder housing and the barrel of the toy gun, and to cover the wooden spoon.

The funnel was slipped on to the wooden spoon until the wide spoon end was seated fully inside the funnel. The exposed wood handle was then measured against the depth of the toy gun barrel. Using an indeliable marker, marks were made where the spoon handle was to terminate inside the barrel housing, and where the wide spoon end met the inside surface of the funnel. A rotary tool was used to make two clean cuts.

Next, an opening was routed out on the wide end of the spoon to securely hold the grinder and a channel was carved down the length of the spoon handle to conceal the wires - a rotatory tool was used for both. Hot glue was then used to secure the opening in the wood handle to the motor of the pepper grinder. The wires were then pressed into the spoon channel.

The funnel was then slid back onto the grinder/spoon assembly and seated fully. A mark was made on the inside of the funnel where the grinder housing met the funnel, and then a rotary tool was used to trim the funnel to the right size. More hot glue was used to secure the funnel to the grinder/spoon assembly.

Lastly, the wires were fed through the toy barrel housing and the wood dowel was seated in the barrel opening and hot glued in place. Any rough edges on teh funnel were cleaned up with sandpaper after to give a smooth transition from grinder to funnel.
<p>I could imagine someone going &quot;Pepper b******!&quot;</p><p>Also, with your offer, I do have a idea. However, since I'm only 13, I Can't really pay for any of the materials of the thing I have in mind. I had the idea of getting a water gun, but instead of firing water, you could fire condiments, like vinegar, olive oil, tomato sauce or mustard. I think that someones already made something for the tomato and mustard though. I realize that I won't be able to get anything from this. But whoever reads this, You can use my idea. Assuming it works or if you like it.</p>
That is the most incredible thing I ever seen
cool <br>but i think the cops will arrest me here in holland if i do that xD <br>i like the intro of the video
How come, I am seeing this just now? I have to make it as a salt grinder in August! It would go perfectly with my pepper grinding baseball bat.
Kitchen weapons are my new favourite thing! Can you share any hints about your salt grinder?
Since I bought it, it is not that special. It looks like this one <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Cole-Mason-King-Pepper-Natural/dp/B001A0MHFU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1372782937&sr=8-2&keywords=grinder+baseball+bat" rel="nofollow">here</a>
Still awesome. I've never seen that before. I've got plans on a cheese-grater gun, too. That one is slightly more problematic to design.
hooked at &quot;delicious peppery justice&quot;
I. Love. This.
Wow! That is awesome!!! :)
Three observations:<br> <br> 1.) I've eaten seagull... it's not so terribly bad. Nothing that a little mallet-tenderizing couldn't cure. ;-)<br> <br> 2.) Some kid is going to be suspended from Summer school for talking about this on the bus.<br> <br> 3.) Awesome<strong> (absolutely<u> INGENIOUS</u>) </strong>work!!! :-D
This is Awesome Mike :) Loved it.
.<br> <div class="media_embed"> <iframe frameborder="0" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/mrAwb9ptu9U?rel=0" width="640"></iframe></div>
hahaha... love it! And you're right, it would've been too badass looking for the Maker Faire!
Great job. I was thinking of making one but since I live in Colorado I am limited to a capacity of 10 peppercorns in such a device.
This is the greatest thing you have ever made
Now all you need to do is make an A-salt weapon to back up your kitchen loadout. <br> <br>Aweome idea!
MP5 - (More Pepper) <br>Made my day.
Eat pepper punk!<br> <br> (Personally, I cant stand to eat anything without salt on it, but I don't really like pepper.)
You weren't lying, it sure does look realistic! Nice job.
<em><strong>Nice !</strong></em>
Somehow, I'm not surprised... <br> <br><sub><sub>(When are you going to launch the Kickstarter to get these into mass production?)</sub></sub>
We should 3D print one of these.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! No way! It's amazing, Mike!!!

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