A 3d crab made out of a single aluminium pepsi can. simillar to the plastic bottle crabplastic bottle crab i made earlier.

Can Crab by Chaitanya Krishnan on Sketchfab

Step 1: Materials and Tools

you'll need a pepsi or any other soda/beer can, a pair of pliers, a scissors and a marker
Cool. I have a suggestion: cut the bottom off instead of the top. That way when you stick that piece on top you cand work the smooth rounded part up into a nice dome. I'll try it and see how it works. Hopefully I'll have some photos this weekend.
Okay, it didn't work like I wanted. So mine has a concave top. I think I need to practice making a few more of these to get the proportions right. <br> <br>But yes, very cool.
hmm, will try it myself.. next time i have a beer :)<br>thanks for stopping by
This was super easy and super fun. I will post a pic after the painting is finished
awesome :)
you shold use the top of the can you cut off to make a shell. here's mine
i used the top of the can in this instructable https://www.instructables.com/id/Can-Crab-Chomper/ its for a crab with a mouth and razor sharp teeth :)<br /> &nbsp;
got any plans on how to make cars or airplanes?
hey i have a question i am new to this whole can crafting thing and i have seen like big airplanes made were the cans have been joined together so neat is this glue or what?
Probably welding.
:) how would i know what they use? :) ive only made one or two crabs so far, without any sticking involved.. i do know that soda cans have are really slick on the inside, making it difficult to stick with most glues... (that i know of) perhaps you should ask the guys who made whatever you saw...the big airoplane thing.. . . post this question on one of those pages and then please do let me know best of luck
had an idea for a ship.. working on it..
excellent idea!!
sweet! you're idea to attach it was awesome! i simply placed it on top so it's not on very well.
have added your idea, to the instructable as an optional step :) thanks for the input
Crab battle!
SWEET!<br /> <br /> 5*
thanks , and thanks for the 5 too!&nbsp;
you would slice your finger
Ever hear of a Band-Aid?
I've never sliced my finger on these things and I've made dozens of them. I even deliberately ran a sliver of can across my finger and nothing happened. Also, they were sharp cuts. Oh yeah, I told my art teacher about this in school and she let me do a presentation to the class about it, and we have like 30 people in our class! I spread the good word, and told people to read the good book... of Instructables. They all said "I'm gonna go on that website when I get home"
Even the people in my class that hate me.
he he he he "deliberately ran a sliver of can across my finger and nothing happened" awesome! your a true "instructibles evangelist" :)
yes you probably would..sustain a few nicks and cuts while working with cans.. happened to me a lot when i was a kid.. the skin on the tips of my fingers is pretty tough now :P
<strong>here is mine :] ''<em><strong></strong></em></strong><br/>
awesome!! great job!
Hi, I think these can projects are great and I'm looking foward in making my first crab. Do you have any ideas on making a lobster, alligators, or hummingbirds? Also, my son is in the ARMY and I would love to make something for him. He is a "jumper" so a helicopter?? I know i'm asking a lot, but i'm so excited about these soda/ beer can projects.
the helicoper sounds like a good idea.. will try one and if it works will post it up here
i havent had a chance to make it yet but here is can. they have more flavors (THIS MEANS MORE COLORS YAY! lol) its basiclly just a tall can...like a big ole beer...but tea!
It would make for longer legs as well.
tea in a can! thats awesome :)
great idea!!! i love it hehe im going to make one out of the super tall arizona tea cans. ~JosiE~
don't know what arizona tea cans look like, so send me pics when your done :)
Beautiful, and deadly!<br/>I think it's crying out to be made more deadly, by employing <br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.make-digital.com/make/vol10/?pg=121">Make Magazine's Vibrobot</a> technology...<br/>
haha! just saw that, sounds good, will go look for a motor tonight.
How come I've never seen a pepsi can like that?
Me either, do you live in the states, I do. It looks very tall and skinny.
I've seen that style can in the middle east and asia
Oh, I see.
ya, i'm in india, this can is available here... its supposed to be the "coolest-fad" with the teens apparently
I thought so!
I've seen ones like those in the US but they were Coke and Dr. Pepper.
Really, I'm on the northeast coast, and have never seen one like that.
That is really clever. You know what would be even cleverer, though? If you produced a template that could be wrapped around the can and then drawn around so that those with poorer spacial awareness than you can still reproduce a decent crab.
I agree about the paper template. Just found this one--may help &quot;the cause.&quot;<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/plastic_bottle_Crab/">https://www.instructables.com/id/plastic_bottle_Crab/</a><br/>
Oh, that's excellent, thanks.
Sorry bout that, will post diagrams for this one too.. the wrap around template is a good idea.. will see about that too :) though i'l have to make them for atleast 2-3 can sizes... hmm..
Would giving aluminum crabs to a girlfriend be considered in bad taste?
You're OK, as long as you're not passing them on from somebody else.

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